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Jus a Few of Our Happy Clients!

Nothing means more to us than hearing from our satisfied students about how our services helped them overcome their academic challenges. Check out some of their testimonials below and let us know how we can help you.

"I cannot say enough about Jennifer, I wish I could clone her and put 2 of her in every county throughout the country. 

I am the Founder and Director of Bergen Family Therapy in Ridgewood,  we often have family’s that come to us with kids who are struggling in school which adds to difficult emotions at home. Quickly we often pick up signs of Dyslexia or want to rule it out. That’s where AMAZING Jennifer comes in. In one appointment Jennifer can assess if it’s Dyslexia or not. I cannot begin to describe how beyond helpful that is to us as therapists and to parents. 

I don’t know anyone else who assesses just dyslexia!!! 

Thank you Thank You Thank You Jennifer!!!! 

In addition jennifer has a great team that offers Orton Gillingham and tutoring in all subjects. 

Jennifer and her team also do great 1 on 1 SAT/ACT test Prep and help with college essays and organizing applications. 

On an even more personal note, Jennifer assessed my own daughter when she was in 2nd grade Jennifer. She found she was dyslexic. The path was now clear. Jennifer then tutored my daughter in Orton.  Nine years later my daughter asked if she could go back to Jennifer for SAT Prep and help with her College essays.  I wanted to cry. Jennifer takes something that can be a real struggle for children, she normalize it, helps them, empowers them and helps a disability become a strength! 

JENNIFER IS BEYOND A GEM.  I not only love her professionally, I love her for how she beyond helped my daughter." 


"I worked with Jen from 5th thru 8th grade to help with my reading and understanding what I was reading.  She helped me so much and I can now keep up in school so much easier.  Jen always was so positive when we worked together and gave me the confidence and skills that I needed to excel in school.  Jen was the best tutor that I have ever worked with and the first to make a huge difference in my life.  I am ready to tackle 8th grade and beyond."
Stella Stephan, age 13.


Over the last four years, all three of my children have worked very closely with Jennifer to help prepare themselves for the SAT testing. She not only provided incredible coaching, confidence and skills training, but she has been an inspiring teacher, encouraging them when they needed it and celebrating with them their successes. My children handle testing very differently and Jennifer was able to make a significant impact in all three of them, both on paper with significantly improved scores and in their test taking abilities moving forward.

My youngest daughter began working with David this past summer, as she prepared for her AP Chemistry class and transitioned from remote learning to in person learning. She was very stressed about being ready  for AP Chemistry. David has been an amazing tutor, teaching her all the topics that were required of her summer assignments providing encouragement along the way. She not only successfully completed her summer assignment, but he has helped her build a baseline and fundamental knowledge needed to handle her AP Chemistry class. With almost six weeks into the school year, she has not had a topic in AP Chemistry that she didn't understand because of his support! She is excited to now also work with him to prepare for the math section of the SAT.

I am so grateful for both Jennifer and David and highly recommend them to any student that may need their assistance. They have helped them build strong skill sets and techniques that have led to their success.

Laura and Family

Testimonials: Testimonials
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