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We are Golden Advantage Education, LLC

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Winner of The Local Best Tutoring Company in 2019!
Since 2005, Golden Advantage Education, LLC has been helping students study and succeed in the classroom and beyond. Our professional tutors offer the best academic support, Orton Gillingham/Dyslexia tutoring and Test Prep services. We build the skills and confidence for children of all ages. Tutors are available 7 days a week.

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About Us

Since 2005, our elite team of tutors has been helping students maximize their academic potential and excel in any subject they choose. The owner, Jennifer Golden is a Certified Orton Gillingham Specialist, Dyslexia Specialist and Special Education Teacher. She has put together an elite team of teachers/tutors for all subjects and areas. 
Through our individualized and stress-free approach, we have perfected a method of teaching that yields serious results. Don’t believe us? Scroll below and discover the immediate difference a tutor can make.

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Tutoring Services

Matching every student with an experienced and professional tutor is the first step we take towards helping students reach their academic goals. Tutors are available 7 days a week. We offer tutoring for all subjects from elementary through high school, All Test Prep (Catholic Entrance Exams, SAT/ACT etc), Orton Gillingham/Reading/Dyslexia, Study Skills and more!

Online Tutorial

Orton Gillingham Tutoring

By Certified Orton Gillingham Specialists

We will complete an assessment so that we know your child strengths and weaknesses. Then we can create individual OG lessons for your child. Our OG tutors are certified through Fairleigh Dickinson University. This is a 2 year program so they are true experts.

Test Prep

Empowering Students

Our educational sessions completely revolve around the abilities and experiences of each student. We identify and target the gaps in learning to ensure complete academic confidence.

Online Tutorial

Online Tutoring/In Person Tutoring

Gain Academic Confidence

We provide in person sessions in the Northern, NJ area. We can provide effective online instruction anywhere in the world! We can help in all subjects, all levels, all ages. We also specialize in test prep: Catholic Entrance Exams, SAT/ACT and more!

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These are only a few of the hundreds of happy clients! There are additional reviews on Google Reviews! We are happy to share even more reviews with you!

We began using GAE as we needed an Orton Gillingham tutor for our son in his Freshman year of high school. He is dyslexic and has had a tough time over the years grasping the skills needed to create a strong foundation for reading and writing. We tried for years to get him the help he needed. Finally, we began to work with Jennifer and her OG tutors. One year later and he was on grade level! We then used her services for SAT/ACT prep and he did so well! Thank you!! We will miss you! You changed our son's life forever. We highly recommend using GAE!

The Shermans

I cannot say enough about Jennifer, I wish I could clone her and put 2 of her in every county throughout the country.
I am the Founder and Director of Bergen Family Therapy in Ridgewood, we often have family’s that come to us with kids who are struggling in school which adds to difficult emotions at home. Quickly we often pick up signs of Dyslexia or want to rule it out. That’s where AMAZING Jennifer comes in. In one appointment Jennifer can assess if it’s Dyslexia or not. I cannot begin to describe how beyond helpful that is to us as therapists and to parents.
I don’t know anyone else who assesses just dyslexia!!!
Thank you Thank You Thank You Jennifer!!!!
In addition jennifer has a great team that offers Orton Gillingham and tutoring in all subjects.
Jennifer and her team also do great 1 on 1 SAT/ACT test Prep and help with college essays and organizing applications.
On an even more personal note, Jennifer assessed my own daughter when she was in 2nd grade Jennifer. She found she was dyslexic. The path was now clear. Jennifer then tutored my daughter in Orton. Nine years later my daughter asked if she could go back to Jennifer for SAT Prep and help with her College essays. I wanted to cry. Jennifer takes something that can be a real struggle for children, she normalize it, helps them, empowers them and helps a disability become a strength!
JENNIFER IS BEYOND A GEM. I not only love her professionally, I love her for how she beyond helped my daughter. "

Linda M

My daughter is now a Freshman in HS and is thriving because of the Orton Gillingham tutoring she has received from your tutors. She began working with your group in 7th grade and by the end of 8th grade she was reading and writing on grade level! We wish we had found you when she was in elementary school, but we are so thrilled we finally found you! The individual lessons, the method, the personality and enthusiasm of you and her tutor made each session fun. She actually looked forward to tutoring...a middle school student who loved tutoring! Wow! Thank you!

Jennifer P

Thank you, just thank you. We had tried out other companies, but they were just that, companies. The fact that this company is run by a Dyslexia and Orton Gillingham Specialist makes everything so different. There is true knowledge and passion to help your clients. Jennifer connected with two different tutors to help our young son. We were connected with an OG tutor and a math tutor, both virtual because we live in Texas. I wasn't sure how it would work, but it ended up being amazing! If your child needs help please let Jennifer connect you with a tutor! Her dedication shows and she clearly hires the best teachers! Tracy M

Tracy M

We needed SAT test prep for the new digital SAT. Jennifer connected us with a math and an English tutor and both were fabulous. We had one tutor work virtually and one tutor come in person because it just worked better that way for our schedule. Our virtual tutoring was at 11pm! My son works and is in sports so that is the only time he was free and she actually has a tutor that works that late. Sometimes that tutor would come in person if it worked out. He was so flexible and an amazing tutor. Thank you Jennifer, Joe and Donna for everything!

Aidan L

THE BEST ORTON GILLINGHAM TUTORS EVER!! I brought in my son Will, who was in 6th grade, but was reading at a 2nd grade level for help. He was miserable and did not want tutoring. We met Jennifer for her assessment and she suggested a plan. My son actually seemed  interested and although he did not want to be tutored, was willing to try. We could both tell she truly believed in the plan, her tutor, Will and Orton. After 3 months she had us come back FOR FREE to see if the plan/tutoring was working and it was! After a year of tutoring, with HW, Will was reading at a 5th grade level. He moved up 3 GRADE LEVELS in a year! He was so happy! We are continuing to tutor so he can get up to grade level, which I think he may be at because he is not struggling with his schoolwork. She is retesting him next month, so we shall see. This is an investment that is priceless! Thank you GAE!

Sara P

I don't normally write reviews, but I have to because my daughter now loves to read. She used to cry when she had to read and fight us when doing HW. What made me write today was that I found my daughter in her room....Reading! She was reading because she wanted to and I am over the moon!
We tried other Orton G tutors, but they were not helping. I think b/c they only had some training. The OG tutors here are all Certified through a program that took them all 2 years, plus they have been tutoring for years. We actually used 2 tutors b/c one had a baby so we had to switch tutors and both are fabulous! I highly rec using Golden Advantage!

Lexi A

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